Thursday, February 5, 2009

Too Many Hats

This image was taken during a rehearsal of my "Pan" Project. What a trip that was! I was wearing the hat of soloist, arranger and organizer all at once! In the end, I was quite happy with the arrangements I did of Debussy's Bilitis for 2 flutes and piano, and several movements of Bach's secular cantata "Der Streit zwichen Phoebus und Pan" BWV 201 that I arranged for flute, alto flute, oboe/oboe d'amore, cello and cembalo.

I was thinking about this project recently because of the many non-playing projects I am involved in now, and the different hats I have to wear. February was supposed to be a slow month - no actual concerts or tours. But it is full of rehearsals, teaching, meetings, and proposals, proposals, proposals! And all that in German too, so everything takes longer and every written document I feel obliged to send to a proof-reader. So I feel a bit like a snake, hidden under a rock, waiting to spring. It seems as though it is lying inert and inactive, but that is only the surface. (It fits my Chinese astological sign, this image...) I've been terribly reclusive, not venturing out at all some days. Very bad, I know! But tomorrow my husband is tossing me out the door to a concert at the Loft, where a friend of ours is playing. Will report on that to be sure.

The most pressing thing on my plate is to organize a mini-tour for my duo partner who is coming in June from St. Petersburg. We've already got a concert at the Loft, and lots of leads for other venues. So it looks promising!

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